Data Access Object Code Generator
An open source Java tool for PostgreSQL databases.
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Welcome To MDAOG

MDAOG generates Java source files for use in connecting to a JDBC database, using the Data Access Object design pattern. The code generated is intended for use in J2EE web applications that need to persist data in a database.

MDAOG is available for Free under the Apache Foundation License v2.


MDAOG analyzes the schema of your database and generates all the necessary classes to be able to read, write, edit, delete or count the records in your tables, allowing you to easily connect your web application to a JDBC database.

MDAOG was developed in Java with a Swing GUI so it should be able to run on a variety of different platforms that have a Java Virtual Machine.

PostgreSQL was the database targeted for the initial development of MDAOG. Some of the features of PostgreSQL, such as sequences, views and transactions, made it a good choice. Other features of PostgreSQL make it a good choice for use in a web application with high concurrency. MDAOG will probably also work with Oracle but has not been tested yet. Use with a MySQL database will require modification to the code.


  • Generates DAO source files for accessing a PostgreSQL database from a Java Web Application.
  • Allows you to easily insert, update, select or count records in a table.
  • Returns a Primary Key objects on inserts that also contain generated keys.
  • Written in Java with a Swing interface for cross-platform use.
  • Copies comments on your tables and columns into javadoc blocks in your source code.
  • Allows you to save and recall project settings.
  • Distributed under an open source license to allow customization.
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